Game Manager

Game Downloader
It comes with quite a comprehensive list of games, of more than 300 titles, and they're neatly organized by genre...
...say this lightly. This “Game Downloader” comes with quite ...All the suggested games come with a short...
Game Assistant
Just like some people like having their book or CD collection nicely organized and at hand, others will appreciate...
...avoid unnecessary overheating. Game Assistant will scan ...category. Once your game collection is neatly...
OGPlanet Game Launcher
OGPlanet, Inc.
A game launcher that helps you connect and download at most games from internet. Personalize your game list with easily...
...! Simply press the [Game Start] button on the ...to play the game. The games supports the following...
Football Manager 2014
Sports Interactive
Football Manager 2014 is the latest release of the well-known Football Manager game series...
...Football Manager game series. Football Manager i ...football management simulation game series...
Football Manager 2015
Sports Interactive
Football Manager 2015 is a realistic, in-depth and immersive simulation of football management...
...simulation of football management, putting you in ...of a real football manager – you decide who...
GameSave Manager
GameSave Manager can scan for and backup the saved games in your computer. It can detect most of the games...
...Manager can scan for and backup the saved games in ...most of the games and new games are added to...
Adventure Game Studio
Chris Jones
Adventure Game Studio provides the tools to make your own adventure, for free...
Adventure Game Studio provides the tool ...test and debug your game, all in one place...
SuperMarket Management
Playful Age
Supermarket Management is a simulation game developed by Playful Age...
Supermarket Management is a simulation game developed by ...an expert supermarket manager from the very...
Miss Management
In this fun game you’ll become into a very busy manager, trying to keep the office in order while...
...fun game you’ll become into a very busy manager ...- Resume game: to finish the current game. - Help:...
Handball Manager
netmin games
This program allows you to become the coach and manager of th handball team of your choice...
...the coach and manager of the handball ...public attendance to the games, agreements with sponsors...
Nexon Game Manager
Nexon Game Manager ensures that MapleStory online game runs successfully, regardless of what browser you use...
...ensure that NGM (Nexon Game Manager) is installed on your...
UltraStar Manager
UMan Community
With this song management application you are able to keep an eye on your UltraStar collection...
...collection. UltraStar Manager is a music manager for Window ...UltraStar, a video game that allows you...
World Cup Manager 2006
Reganam Interactive has number of software products developed to be used across...
...With World Cup Manager 2006 game players can define their...
Soccer Lineup Manager
This program allows you to keep and organize all the information you need about the soccer team...
...their formations for each game. This program allows you ...your strategy for each game by placing each...
Ryder Mod Manager
Mods are extensions or modifications made to the program code of a game. Most of the game...
...of a game. Most of the game developers provide ...multiple amount of games and install/uninstall them...
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